What to draw attention signing an employment contract

What to draw attention signing an employment contract

The Maritime Information Centre (GIC) issued guidance to seafarers on what to draw attention signing an employment contract.
Before signing an individual employment contract, make sure that:

- You have carefully examined the contract text, understood every point of the contract. Crewing must explain all the details that you do not understand at your request.
– You’ve carefully examined the collective agreement. If a contract contains a reference to a collective agreement (or another voluminous document such as employment rules), you must also read them. A copy of this document describing the conditions of work and welfare of the seafarer on board the ship, as well as the other rights of the seafarer, his social guarantees and the obligations of the shipowner, must be at crewing and made available to the seafarer upon request.
The employment contract and the collective agreement must, among other things, specify the duration of the employment contract. It is worth remembering that the play (plus or minus 1 month) in the employment contract is for the convenience of the shipowner.
By signing an employment contract and a collective agreement, the GIZ advises seafarers to pay particular attention to one of the most important points - wages and their components.

Mandatory components of wages in employment contracts:

• base rate

• overtime rate

• leave pay

• total amount
If the employment contract contains bonus payments, it should be remembered that the bonus is always at the discretion of the shipowner. If the majority of the total salary (Total) is a bonus, it is likely that you will not receive it after the completion of the employment contract, citing the financial problems of the company or any breaches of the company’s policies and terms of the employment contract.

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