Unique vessels were tested successfully

Unique vessels  were tested successfully

In 2018, Sunstone Ships, informed that the completion of the deal with China Merchants Industry Hоldings Ltd. to build a 3rd  Infinity-class cruise ship, Ocean Victory. The new building should have been planned to be supplied in 2021.
The ship was designed by Ulstein Design & Solutions. Moreover, Ulstein was in charge of the supply of the equipment package, with all major equipment having proven technology from famous  manufacturers in Europe as well as supervising the technical construction of the ship.
Therefore, in January, two these ships finished sea test with great advantage. The testing composed of 5 days of vigorous and saturated tests of each vessel’s system while sailing in the South China Sea.
At the time of testing, there were over 100 people on board because it was a very sensitive moment for which a large team of professionals was needed.
Also, important to mention that the vessels have some unique features, for example:
Length: 104.5 m
Width: 18.5 m
Draft: 5.2 m

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