New announcement for the passengers

New announcement for the passengers

Saudi Arabia has opened air and sea borders to enter the kingdom, previously closed due to the spread of a new strain of coronavirus infection of a new type.  So, air carriers should alert passengers to the following announcement.

Saudi Arabia is taking timely and proactive measures to contain the global spread of the virus, including temporary travel restrictions. Therefore, it has recently known that Saudi Arabia cause the passengers to show a prof of vaccination after the arrival. The vaccine certificates (for (COVID-19) should contain one of the flowing vaccines:

+ 2.doses of Pfizer-BioNTech

+ 2.doses of Oxford-AstraZeneca

* 2doses of Moderna

* 1 dose of Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen

It is very important to check the certificate as the vaccine certificates have to be certified by official health authorities from that country which provided the vaccination for incoming passengers. Moreover, the duration between receiving the last dose has not be less than 13 days before traveling to Saudi Arabia.
Also, these vaccine certificates may be verified upon arrival at the checkpoints of the kingdom. Passengers have to carry their vaccine certificates at all times during their stay in the kingdom. Failure to comply with these regulations makes travellers subject to legal liabilities in addition to being denied entry to the Kingdom.

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