An unusual vessel is operating in London

An unusual vessel is operating in London

See the sights of London and enjoy piano music. This vessel has become a floating concert hall.

“This boat with a piano is one of a kind. It was built to our specifications as a floating concert venue. We've got a brand new Steinway grand piano here. "- said Riana Henderson, ship manager.

All guests are dressed festively. The works of Beethoven and Schumann are performed for them. The captain of the ship and part-time pianist says that this is a unique opportunity for him to establish contact with his listeners in a chamber setting.

“I play in regular concert halls too, but when you play in a 4,000-seat hall, the lighting is dazzling. And, yes, you can imagine that there are people sitting there, but that's not it. And here I feel the intimacy of the atmosphere, we share musical moments. And this is a completely new sensation: speaking without a microphone and not shouting at the top of your voice. "- notes Masayuki Taiama, Captain & Pianist.

Many people liked the idea of a floating concert hall.

“We started less than two months ago and our cruises are already sold out months in advance.”

Perhaps such chamber concerts will become a new reality in the era of a pandemic.

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