U.S.-China Tensions Could Be The Biggest Risk To U.S. Stocks This Year

China could retaliate for the Huawei regulations by means of setting US organizations on an "unreliable entity list." A sort of US businesses may be impacted need to this come to pass.

Last week, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused China of trying to steal US intellectual property and records related to COVID-19 research. The Chinese Embassy in Washington condemned the allegations as "lies."

Another flash point - one that seems to rattle markets most - is change. Last week, President Trump threatened to close down the US' whole trade courting with China, announcing the US could save $500 billion if he "cut off the entire dating" with China.

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Saudi Airlines to open booking for domestic flights on June 1

Abu Dhabi: Saudi Airlines stated that it will open booking for home and international flights within the coming days. The official internet site of Saudi Airlines stated clients can begin booking home flights on June 1, while reserving for international flights will beginning on September 1.


Nord Stream 2 to challenge German regulator’s decision denying waiver of 'discriminatory' EU rules for gas pipeline from Russia

The company building the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline has vowed to appeal Germany’s refusal to remove the multibillion-
dollar project from the restrictions laid out in the “discriminatory” EU Gas Directive.


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