Seafarers Contentment status shows that minor benefits given fetching great performance.

Seafarers Contentment status shows that minor benefits given fetching great performance.

The newest Seafarers Contentment Indicator report, announced by The Mission to Seafarers, uncovers that minor funds can make a substantial transformation to the seafarers.

Seafarers Survey has been taken by Shipowners Club and Wallem Group,  based on 2020 Q4 . The data emphasises the prolonged battle in crew change and workloads due to pandemic.

nevertheless  , it shows minor benefits given to the onboard seafarers can make drastic changes in maritime industry and their daily lives , with good emotional health and Rejuvenating desire for their job.

Minor changes results in Huge transformation

seafarers commented that owners started minor changes which resulted in enhanced class of life providing quality Food, upgrading GYM equipments,extended free internet Access and team motivational activities like weekend parties were highly cherished, based on seafarers Survey response.

early 2020 report shows huge worries with restricted internet access and  off shore leaves, but now latest report says owner working to give quality experience to seafarers onboard.especially in pandemic Covid-19 situations.

Emotional Health improvements with Trainings

Seafarers trainings are uncertain as some were given good class training and some are not given at all.

wherever training are conducted . it gives good knowledge , bring all on same page and motivate positively towards jobs. however some of the trainings has been obsoleted due to old onboard equipments. 

For instance, the entry into force of Resolution MSC.428(98) IMO rules on cyber security was a catalyst for a rush of training at the end of 2020 to prepare crews for the imminent changes.

Also these training were not supported onboard due to secure and latest  systems / equipment, going impression to seafarers that the training are not productive.

Ongoing Challenges of Crewchange  

crew change has become burning issue due to pandemic restrictions , quarantines rules  & lockdowns across the world based on 2020 Q4 seafarers survey data. also  poor service and facillities given in quarantine period . Senior officer suggested and raised concerns to review and enhance the process.

Louise Hall, Director – Loss Prevention at the Shipowners Club, stated:

“The results from Q4’s Happiness Index highlight the benefits of continued learning, personal development and connectivity on board during these most challenging times.

"we need look new resource and ways to conner with our seafarers in order support and mental stimulation they need."

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