Megayachts are popular again

Megayachts are popular again

Mega yachts costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. After almost complete stagnation in 2020, the industry has caught the wave again.
In the first half of this year, sales of luxury ships longer than 30 meters are up 8% from pre-pandemic levels.

[Chema Rubio, director of a shipbuilding company]:
“Everyone decided to go on a journey that they hadn't been able to do in the past. The charter season was amazing too, everyone rented boats and it had an impact on the industry as a whole.

Conversion of a used yacht costs from 10 million dollars. The new one can cost up to 600 million.

More than 200 new megayachts have been launched this year. In total, more than 330 of them should be produced by the end of 2022.

[David Omedes, Project Manager]:
“Now on this project, five technicians are working with a motor, and about 30 are building scaffolding, working with wood, teak, and other crystal products. The part is taken to the workshop, mechanized, and then returned. There are 30-40 people working on this vessel ”.

Such a boom is attributed to a pandemic. Billionaires can afford to be isolated not within four walls, but among the endless expanses of the sea.

Renting a yacht is also an expensive pleasure. A week on a ship for 12 passengers in Greece or Italy can cost 300-500 thousand euros.

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