Future of Marine Jobs during ongoing COVID 19

Shipping is the lifeblood of the global economy and fishing provides essential food. The pandemic sways the safety and well-being of seafarers and fishers and the future of their jobs.

“Seafarers have been among the hardest hit from the fall-out of the pandemic, said Corinne Vargha, Director of the ILO’s International Labour Standards Department.”

Hundreds of millions of jobs have been put on hold by coronavirus shutdowns around the world. That’s been especially true in countries already hit by the pandemic. The ILO found that COVID-19 had left almost all 2 billion of them finding it extremely hard to make ends meet.

An ongoing job-hunt and a pandemic make for a heavy blend. How so? By now, it is pretty obvious that this virus has not just attacked our bodies, but also traumatized our economies and stock markets. If an economy falls into a recession, almost all of us are at risk of losing our jobs.

If you're trying to decide what your next steps should be, and where the world of work is going during and post-pandemic, read on!

In these difficult times, when there is a din of layoffs and pay cuts, we decided to shun the negative and look at the positive. We at OceanCrew.org is your way to get the maritime jobs of your dream without any long-term searching. We offer different vacancies that can turn into the subject of your interest.

We started our project more than a year ago – in this period we greatly succeed and got more than thousands of thankful reviews from the employed seafarers of different nationalities!


The offshore jobs are considered as rather dangerous ones but the high-level salary and the hard-won experience is worth it. There are a large number of offshore oil rig jobs that are available. The range of employment opportunities includes Survey Tech, Tension Operators, HSE Offshore Medic, sole engineer, Chief Electrician, 2nd/ 3rd Engineer, Steward.


The merchant fleet jobs involve permanent communication – all executives should understand their tasks and management representatives have to comprehend the workers’ reports. The range of employment opportunities include Chief mate, Cadets, Welder, Fitter, Seamen, Electrical officer, Motorman, Wiper, Cook, Stewards.


If you are an energetic, hard-working individual with a craving for an adventurous profession in a new, exciting location, you could be the perfect candidate for a career on drilling jobs.

Choose either a maritime job or offshore one you would like to attend and get detailed information about the vacancy!
It's tough out there right now, but if you stick with it, you're sure to find the right role for you. All sails to the wind! Good luck!

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