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Merchant fleet jobs - all high-demand vacancies onboard international ships

In order to divide all shipboard responsibilities, there is the merchant fleet jobs list - each crew member has own duties according to current qualifications. Three main onboard merchant departments are:

  • Deck branch;

  • Engine division;

  • Catering authority.

Each one department has the superior – the chief also function with the assistants. The officers supervise the executives and report to the headman of the department. All the maritime divisions are under the Captain control – the ship master approve the tasks and make the decisions for fast solving all emergency situations.

The main duties of merchant fleet jobs – mate and rating staff responsibilities

Speaking about the deck department, it is useful to say that the number of its representatives is relating to the type of the merchant vessel. Generally, the staff consists of:

  • Chief mate and three officers;

  • Cadets;

  • Bosun;

  • Welder;

  • Fitter;

  • Able and ordinary seamen.

All the crew members are on charge of the vessel navigation and of all the operations with cargo (loading-unloading processing). There is also the need in the watchstanding and handling repairing operations.

The engine department also has the superior in the person of Chief Machinery Specialist. ChEng is responsible for his staff that consists of:

  • 3 assistants (three Engine Officers);

  • Cadet;

  • Electrical officer;

  • Motorman;

  • Wiper.  

The main task of the engine division members is the maintenance of the sufficient machinery operation and repairing processes of engine installations. The Chief engineer reports to Captain daily.

The catering department is also the useful division onboard – the galley seamen is on charge of the food for all crew representatives. The superior is Chief cook – he controls all catering department operations which are executed by cooks, washers and stewards.       

What requirements are determined for merchant fleet applicants?

The merchant fleet jobs involve the permanent communication – all executives should understand their tasks and management representatives have to comprehend the workers’ reports. That is why there is the necessity not only in the qualification certificate and in sufficient physical, but in fluent English too.

The seamanship is developing nowadays very fast. Different kinds of merchant vessels and cruise liners need the qualified crew to operate the ship and maintain the main onboard processes.