Cruises from Dubai with Costa Firenze

Cruises from Dubai with Costa Firenze

On New Year's cruises Costa Cruises from Dubai, there are practically no empty cabins left, and cabins with a balcony "fly away" at the price of a cabin with a window.

On the market of sea cruises available to Russians, another interesting proposal has appeared - cruises along the Persian Gulf on the five-star Costa Firenze liner of the Costa Cruises cruise company.

It is planned that the first cruise will sail on December 17, 2021 from Dubai, and the navigation itself will last until March 11, 2022, when the last announced tour will take place.

The most expensive luxury rooms - suites with balconies and mini-suites are no longer available for sale on New Year's holidays (cruises on December 28 and 29) and on the Christmas cruise on January 7. You can buy them only through Costa Cruises partners, but they also have a limited number of them.

Another serious incentive to purchase these particular cruises is the absence of a mandatory requirement for vaccination on board (PCR tests are preserved), visa-free entry to the UAE for our citizens and direct flights to the Emirate of Dubai from many cities in the country.

The liner CostaFirenze, built in 2020, in itself can serve as the target of a cruise traveler. This is the newest 18-deck liner, designed for more than 5 thousand passengers, with an Italian Renaissance interior and "Florentine" design in the cabins.

According to experts, Russian tourists were eagerly awaiting the appearance of this particular vessel on the market, so everything that will wait for passengers on board is very important for them.

Gastronomy, which is based on real Italian cuisine from renowned chefs, can legally be considered a "specialty" of the liner. It will also be complemented by a wine bar with authentic Italian regional wines, which, by the way, are included in the Brindiamo alcoholic package offered on board.

In addition to Italian cuisine, the ship also offers international cuisine in more than 10 restaurants and bars. Most of them are included in the tour program, but some need to be booked in advance (table reservation from 40 euros).

Due to covid restrictions, meals will be served in 3 restaurants in 2 shifts with a strict seating arrangement. Buffet breakfast and lunch, a-la-carte menu for dinner.

CostaFirenze will offer at least 2 new products this year. It is a real flower garden on the upper deck with sun loungers and the possibility of a good rest.

And, what is especially important for Russians, there are extended Russian-language applications and IT services on board. And this is in addition to Russian-language excursions, which are organized specifically for our tourists.

Experts believe that now is the right time to book winter cruises from Dubai.

Firstly, Costa Cruises, understanding all the concerns of tourists, does not demand full payment for the cruise right away. In order to secure a cabin, you need to make a deposit of only 50 euros per person.

This is a refundable amount that will not be lost even if the passenger cancels their booking. Full payment must be made one month before the start of the cruise, and you can cancel the application 15 days before the start, having received a voucher that will be valid for 12 months.

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