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Full crew jobs

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The possibility to hold the prestigious job onboard the merchant ship – the vacancies for full crew members

There is always the great demand of the professional team that will be able to take the sea without any problems. That is why full crew jobs are on-fire among high powered paymasters. The maritime field is not the exception when the vessel needs the full seamen brigade all at once.

There are a lot of advantage both for the recruiter and the ship crew representatives:

  • The staff has the high level efficiency because of the experience to work together onboard;

  • The recruiter could be sure that all the seamen have the qualification certificates that gave them opportunity to work before;

  • The full crew has no problem with the staff representatives because it is competed with all necessary seamen;

  • The captain could take the responsibility for each one man in his crew without any doubts;

  • The vessel would be in safety because the interdisciplinary team is ready for the tasks from the very beginning.

The full crew jobs – who are the main superiors and executives?

The full crew consists of the representatives of the different departments. Two the most important ones are the deck and the engine department. The Head of the crew is Captain – he has three main assistants and engine officers who report to Master daily. Among the major rating positions are:

  • Bosun and able seamen;

  • Motorman and oiler;

  • Chief steward and chief cook.

There is also the demand of the sufficient number of cadets, ordinary seamen and galley workers. Each type of the ship could need the current quantity of maritime workers. The vessel crew should include the medical service specialists and wardroom staff.  

The main requirements to candidates

All the applicant should have the good physical shape and excellent language skills. In order to get the full crew jobs offer, all the candidates need to settle an issue with documentaries – the recruiter has to check the qualification certificates, medical carts and the English knowledge upfront.

If the question with the competence of all maritime experts was regulated, the full crew representatives would have opportunity to gain the on-fire positions and take up their official duties.