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Chief Engineer jobs

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The prestigious maritime position – the superior of engine department

Engine department became as necessary part of any merchant ship as the deck one. The usage of electrical units and the development of engine processing made the engineering staff the important part of any maritime crew. The superior of this department is Chief Engineer.

The main machinery specialist is responsible for all existing processes in his supervised department onboard. Chief or, as also calls, ChEng, is on charge of more than 8 crew representatives.

The main duties of the foremost engine officer

Chief Engineer has to control the work of his supervised staff. He engine department usually consists of:

  • 4 engine officers (the 2nd engineer, the 3rd one and the 4th);

  • Cadet;

  • Motorman;

  • Oiler worker;

  • Wiper.

Some merchant ship has the firman and the electrical officer in the seamen staff – these members are also reports to ChEng. It differs of the vessel type if there is the full stuff or some officers have responsibilities of executors and run the oiling, wiping and firefighting operations.

The superior should give daily tasks for the crew members and check the completing the job every day. Chief Engineer collects the daily reports about engine equipment conditions and generate the general paper about engine department work. In case of emergency situation, the Chief needs reports about extraordinary situation to Captain himself.

To get the management position onboard – the key requirements to Chief Engineer jobs candidates

As the vacancy is the management one, the obligatory aspect to satisfy is fluent English – the good language skill guarantees the excellent communication with multilingual executors. The record that permits to get the Chief Engineer position is the special certificate. It is useful to pay attention to the kind of such piece of paperwork – each merchant ship has own statutory provision. The license should be appropriable to the vessel parameters (type of the maritime transportation, rate, tonnage, etc.).

Besides the main document for applying such respected job, the Chief Engineer jobs candidate should attend the key features of superior – it is important to hold the leadership and high level responsibility qualities. Only candidates who meet these all requirements could become the really good Chief.