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Bosun jobs

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The great opportunity to work onboard the international ships – bosun jobs

One of the deck department representative is the bosun. One more term for this occupation is boatswain. This is the first worker after the mates’ professions. The bosun does not need any license to work onboard the merchant vessels.

The bosun jobs require the high level responsibility and the raw of skills in order to supervise the crew. The main duty of any boatswain is to inspect the ship condition and support the general schedule of the vessel crew.

The key tasks for the bosun jobs representatives

The real boatswain is responsible for all operations assigning. He is on duty about:

  • The routine work planning;

  • The pipe signals acting (calling for the meal time or emergency announcing);

  • The inspection of any processes on the deck.

Among the main responsibilities there is the high level of knowledge of marlinespike seamanship – the bosun should the real master in any kind of operations in order to help seaman on the ship board. It is useful to say that boatswain never reports to the engineers of the vessel – this occupation is relating to the deck department (not to the engine one).

The main superior of the bosun is the 3rd mate – the officer checks the completed seamen work, gets the boatswain’s reports and approves the schedule for next day.

The main skills the bosun jobs candidates ought to have

This maritime job is not required the presence of special license but each candidate has to obtain skills of:

  • Cargo rigging;

  • Winch maintenance processes;

  • Aloft operating;

  • Other deck duties.

The boatswain is the real head of the deck crew – the superior of seamen should be the master in his sphere. That is why the unfailingly aspect is the knowledge of knot-tying, fastening, bends making and other useful experience.

The additional point for the bosun jobs candidates is the language skill – the superior should regularly communicate with seamen and have the opportunity to explain the approved task.

This maritime occupation is considered as a good step forward the great career of the maritime officer. The experienced bosuns have opportunity to get the mate’s license and try themselves in the management onboard.