Offshore jobs

  • 2nd Officer for Cable lay Vessel (EU)


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  • CREW for Dredger Vessel


    TOS - Transport & Offshore Services

  • 3rd Engineer for AHTS non DP vessel


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  • ETO for MRSV vessel



  • Chief Officer for PSV DP2 SUPPLY


    Phinisi Asia

  • Master for PSV DP2 SUPPLY


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  • AB Seaman for Multi Purpose Vessel


    Candina Baltica

  • ETO for SPJUB


    Vahana Marine

  • Painters for Platform in the North sea (EU/UK)


    iPS Baltics Offshore

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The on-fire jobs out at sea - the well-paid occupations in exploration area

The professional crew is greatly prized not only onboard the merchant vessels and cruise liners. Each new year is the time of the fast progress in the offshore sphere – the oil and gas objects out at a sea is not the rarity as the renewable wind energy segment too.

In order to do the work first-rate, there is the great necessity in the well-experienced crew members. The maritime team should meet all the requirements and complete the tasks unobjectionable.

What positions does the offshore jobs list include?

As onshore occupations, the offshore jobs could be divided into the management staff and executives. But the departments could differ – it relies upon the type of the offshore object. Among the main superiors could be marked:

  • Installation Manager (OIM);

  • Team Leader (OTL);

  • Operations Engineer (OOE);

  • Automation Systems Specialist.

There are also the raw of engineers and technicians of different qualification onboard. One of the necessary group of workers is the controllers’ team – the specialists the main parameters on the object and report to the superiors about their measuring results.

The executive staff consists of the workmanlike operators and other specialists who run the main operations on the object. Among of them are:

  • Drillers;

  • Crane Operators;

  • Welders;

  • Pump Operators;

  • Electricians.

The offshore plant is impossible without healthcare representatives and the galley staff. These workers ensure all crew members with the comfortable labor conditions based on the sanitary-hygienic standard.

The requirements to candidates – the major rules for offshore jobs applicants

Each desirous one should be ready for the 12-hours workday – the main requirement to competent employees is the sufficient physical condition. The offshore objects usually offer to the applicants the rotational team method – so the candidates should plan their private life based on their working schedule. And the last aspect of fast job connection is fluent English.

The offshore jobs are considered as rather dangerous ones but the high level salary and the hard-won experience is worth it. The modern offshore industrious objects have the improved security grade – the oil recovery and gaseous fluid exploration are under the ecological regulations and safety protection rules.

Maritime and offshore jobs

The work onboard the different vessels is considered as the prestigious one. The maritime and offshore specialists are on a high demand worldwide. The occupations have their peculiarities and responsibilities. To attend the well-paid maritime or offshore job, the candidate should have the special preparation including the educational document and sufficient physical health.

Both the maritime and offshore jobs are meant the high level reliability of the crew members. That is why it is rational to highlight all key points of onboard occupations and offshore ones.

All kinds of maritime offers - the full list of variants for job candidates

The designees should know well the types of the maritime jobs in order to select the optimal long-time occupation or the seasonal one. It is possible to get an appointment in different sectors - the main ones are following:

  • the engine room;
  • the deck

The engineering department jobs

That is why there are two big departments onboard - the engineering and deck ones. Each of them has the own list of jobs to attend. The engineering crew consists of the Chief who often is named as the Chief Engineer. He is responsible for all engineering crew members. The main task of the Chief Engineer is to control the execution of all tasks by his subordinates in the engine room. This job is suitable only for designees with the profile education and the big experience onboard on the certain position.

To gain the career of the Chief of the engineer department is possible after successful work as the rank-and-file employee for a long-term basis. Other maritime jobs that are relating to the engineer department are:

  • The DDE or Designated Duty Engineer - the 1st assistant of the Chief Engineer;
  • First/Second/Third assistants Engineer - have the responsibilities of the equipment and engines maintenance and regularly report to the Chief.
  • Third/Fourth engineers - the average executors in an engine room. Often these positions are occupied by the Oilers or Wipers.

The engineers should be presented onboard of each vessel - it does not matter if it is the cruise liner, or the merchant one. It makes the engineering department occupations as the jobs of the high demand. The deck jobs are also in the category of the strong desire. The maritime jobs offers are impossible without notifications with vacancies of Captain, Chief mates and others.

The deck department jobs

The Master onboard is the most prestigious occupation that all seamen are dreaming about. To become a Captain is not complicated if the designee devoted all his life to the maritime professions. The true Master should have the high-level organisational skills, ability of the efficient management and the determination to act fast in the risk situations.

The main assistants of the Captain are his Chief Mate (or the First Mate) and other Mates aboard (Second/Third). They are responsible for the watch keeping and the stability of the vessel, including the navigation and the maintenance of all electrical equipment onboard. The Chief Mate and other Captain assistans are able to become the Master themselves in case of the quality workmanship. The average deck executors are also very demandable because they perform all practical tasks. This category is consist of:

  • Able Seaman;
  • Ordinary Seaman;
  • Deckhand.

To start your maritime carrier is possible with the executive position and stick the landing for the Master post!

All offshore jobs - the prestigious positions for the qualified specialists

The offshore industry occupations are in the high demand because this sector needs the executors and rational chiefs on the gas or oil offshore objects and wind industry ones. These jobs are rather difficult and often have shift-based conditions with working 14 days and 2 weeks of the rest. But all offshore jobs are well-paid ones that attract many designees. It is possible to attend the position of your interest in the following sectors:

  • Exploration and operation;
  • Design and construction;
  • Installation;
  • Management.

The Chiefs or Managers on the platforms give the tasks and control their performance. The executive positions that are available on the offshore oil/gas and other platforms are:

  • Drilling/ Corrosion/ Wellhead engineers;
  • Inspectors;
  • Operators;
  • Piping Designers;
  • Welders;
  • Electricians;
  • the Representatives of the Cooking/ Healthcare staff, etc.

OceanCrew is your way to get the job of your dream without any long-term searching. We offer different vacancies that can turn into the subject of your interest. Choose either maritime job or offshore one you would like attend and get the detailed information about the vacancy! All sails to the wind!