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3rd engineer jobs

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The second assistant CE – one more prestigious place to gain

The engine department consists of the chief superior (the position of the main engineer onboard) and his assistants. The 3rd engineer jobs glade to the group of engine officers. In spite the fact that the second machinery assistant is the most senior occupation in the engineering staff, this profession is usually among on-fire ones.

The third engineer should daily pay attention to ship fueling and the work of auxiliary engines of the vessel. There are much responsibilities in ship proceeding area for this specialist.

The 3rd engineer jobs functions – the major tasks for specialists

The 3rd grade specialist is looking after:

  • priming systems;

  • engines maintenance;

  • condensate systems working;

  • boilers and other installations.

All fuel transfer operations are under responsibility of third specialist of engine group. More precisely information about certain job position is possible to get from the management department of the ship. Different kind of marine transportation has own arrangements on board – that is why the duties of the Chief engineer second assistant as the main tasks of the first one could vary. For example:

  1. The engineer also needs to keep a check on the feed pumps and condensers on the board of steam ships.

  2. Gas vessels (or diezel ones)  – here is important to control the state of oil purifiers, additional boilers and other equipment onboard.

All decisions according the emergency repair should be handed with supervision of CE and the 2nd engineer. The first assistant in engineering department reports to the machinery headman. Having got some solutions from superior, the third engineer gives the strict commands to his assistants in order to make the short work of the arising problems.

The best way to gain the prestigious maritime job

The 3rd engineer jobs demand of the candidates the presence of the qualification documents. The working skill will give opportunity to manage with all duties onboard excellent. In order to get the job, it is necessary to pay attention to language skills.

The multilingual staff usually works on the board of international vessels. The only way to make the communication comfortable is to have the fluent English – this knowledge will be the advantage for designees.