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2nd engineer jobs

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The high salary ERO vacancy – the maritime occupation of the second engineer

The engineering staff onboard has the management crew – it consists of the Chief engineer and his assistants. The main assistant of the CE is the second engineer – he reports to his superior about the ship safety and the equipment integrity onboard.

This occupation is really binding for merchant vessels as:

  • Cargo ships;

  • Tankers;

  • Ro-ro vessels;

  • Container ships and other kind of marine transportation.

While the Chief Engineer manages to fill all the paperwork, his main assistant controls all the existing processes onboard. 2nd engineer jobs are considered as the most responsible ones in ship machinery, because the practical side of the electrical installation maintenance is the duty namely of these professions.

The main tasks of the principal assistant of CE

The main working place of the second engineer specialist is the engine room. Here the principle assistant of CE makes the schedule and do everything in order to ensure the direct ship systems maintenance. Among the major 2nd engineer’s duties are:

  • The regular assisting to the superior in any paperwork;

  • The conducting of important tests based on the oil and water samples;

  • The permanent giving instruction to the ship crew and checking the ship systems;

  • The daily reporting to the CE.

This ERO jobs need high level of attention from candidates on their workplace and the ability to react fast in risk situation (the sudden system breakage, presence of technical errors, etc.)

One more responsibility of the 2nd engineer specialist is to help CE with documentation if the superior does not manage to accomplish something. During the day the first machinery assistant carry many safety checks – all results are presented in his daily reports to the engineering command staff.

What skills requirements certain ERO jobs have?

All 2nd engineer jobs candidate should have the documentation about their qualification. English knowledge is also mandatory item because the specialists need regularly to deliver the orders. The language skill is necessary to make the communication easier.

But the main claim to ERO jobs executors is the high level of responsibility for the safe onboard – this profession is for the most experienced and reliable ones.