Singapore give vaccination above 10,000 frontline marine workforces by jan 2021 end

Singapore give vaccination above 10,000 frontline marine workforces by jan 2021 end



Under Singapore SAVE “Sea – Air Vaccination Exercise” give vaccination to marine workforces by jan 2021 end for above 10,000


This practice is under nation wide Covid-19 vaccination strategy to safeguard frontline people and their family members, also residents in the country.




The below Frontline workforce need to embark vessels in Singapore to work on vessels.

marine superintendents

marine surveyors

port workers,

harbour pilots,

cargo officers,




Above 700 persons given vaccination in the past few days to make full roll –out of SAVE based on the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore “MPA”. Around 6000 applications received by MPA for this week vaccination.




Due to the better protection offered by vaccination, frontline maritime personnel will be exposed to less testing needs as they finished their complete course of vaccinations





Moving ahead , those who are now on the 7 days Rostered Routine Testing “RRT” will be examined every 14 days and those who are presently on the 14-day RRT will be examined monthly once.



Quah Ley Hoon, chief executive of MPA, stated that


We trust on our frontline maritime workforces for the shipping of daily essentials including food, medical supplies, and consumer goods.

We are expecting the vaccination can provide peace of mind to frontline staff as they need work onboard ships. This will offer an extra layer of shield, and preserve their family and the society secure. So We strongly inspire them to come frontward for initial vaccination,



To avoid reoccurrence of crisis 2020 crew change, The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS)

Guiding all other governments to keep the seafarers and frontline maritime shore workers on top of the vaccination line




ICS announced today that

“Priority access to vaccines for all seafarers, and clear ‘vaccine passport’ protocols in line with World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations, is seen as essential to the safeguarding of global trade,”



Guy Platten, ICS secretary general, stated : “The advantages of vaccinating those responsible for transporting the vaccine and PPE around the world should be obvious. Governments must class seafarers as key workers and give them priority access to the vaccine, as the inability to rotate crews from their ships risks the passage of the critical medical materials needed for the global vaccination effort.


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