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The rating occupation – the deck department representatives onboard

The most on-fire jobs among the maritime positions are still deck crew jobs. The seamanship is impossible without deck officers that are the captain assistants and rating crew. Almost all operations during the ship movement are running by the deck seamen. There is the huge variety of the occupation inn namely certain department.

One of the main responsibility of deck crew representatives is guard duty and maintenance tasks with the obligatory watchstanding process. There are different kinds of executive positions among the deck occupations.

The deck department members – what appointment to hold?

The ordinary workers on the deck are seamen. They are on charge of the rating responsibilities. Next occupations in the deck department are AB jobs. Such representatives have the great opportunity to become the officer in the future after the raw of exams. The able seamen are responsible for watchstanding and daily labor. The ordinary seaman could become the AB after 2 years working onboard. The bosun is the senior one among OS jobs representatives.

There are also more specialized professions in the deck department onboard. Among them:

  1. Deck foreman jobs – these workers are responsible for the ship repair processes. One more duty of any foreman is to check the condition of the new vessel and improve the safety of the marine transportation with help of fix actions.

  2. Crane operator jobs – the major task of this worker is to operate the vessel cranes. There is often the necessity in the ampelmann operator jobs onboard in case of the oil shipment or any other situations.

How to join the deck department crew – the main requirements to candidates

Any deck crew worker should have the special qualification document. It is the proof of the workmanship for the employers. The candidates should be in good physical condition and speak English well. These requirements are general but are obligatory for each one applicant.

The deck crew occupations are considered are as the most perspective one for those who want to build the maritime career. Any profession in seamanship needs the high level of responsibility and the stress resistance.