Pumpman jobs

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The merchant vessel crew position - pumpman jobs onboard tankers

The deck crew has one more important seaman - among the maritime team members there is the separate place for pumpman. This occupation is devoted to the safety of the liquid cargo onboard. There is usually the huge demand of the professional pumpman on the board of:

  • Oil tankers;

  • Offshore objects;

  • Other tanker ships.

All the maritime transportation that has the purpose to transport the liquid cargo needs the pumpman job applicants onboard. The executives could be names as “pumper” or the “pump operator” as it is referring to the offshore position.

The pumpman duties - handling if liquids, safety maintenance

The tanker crew has at least 2-3 pumpmen onboard. There is the chief pumpman and one or two rating pumpman specialists - the executives are on charge of the main practical processes and report to their superior.

All the pumpmen's needful operations are devoted to vessel pumps. That is why one of the specialist could be responsible for the cargo pump system and another one for other ship systems. These seamen check out all the processes carefully in order to prevent some accident in time. The daily pumpmen's tasks include:

  • The liquid level measuring;

  • The check-out of flammable liquid condition inside the pumps;

  • The deck staff supervising - do not permit other crew members to touch the pumps with dangerous liquid cargo;

  • Other responsibilities.

If the pumpman position is relating to the offshore occupations, the raw of duties could expand. The superiors could approve new tasks for pumpman group within the main crew responsibilities.

The requirements to the pumpman jobs applicants

The main requirement for the candidates is their high level of qualification in certain field. There is the raw of obligatory policies and practices to pass. All the tests are devoted to the safety rules onboard. Also the pumpman should be in the good physical condition and have fluent English.

This occupation is for the most responsible ones with the ability to act fast in case of emergency situation. The rating pumpman always has opportunity to become the chief specialist in his sphere after having got the sufficient professional experience.