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Electrican / ETO jobs

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On-fire maritime specialties – ETO jobs on any international vessels

Significant growth of current consumption in connection with introduction of electric devices on watercraft boards caused the real need of qualified specialists in the sphere of electrical machinery. That is why Electrician jobs have high level demand in seamanship. The experienced electricians are requested to the maritime workforce of:

  • Roll-on/roll-off ships;
  • AHTS vessels;
  • Bulk Carriers;
  • Container ships;
  • Tankers;
  • Freight liners (cargo ships) and other vessels.

What responsibilities ETO executives have on shipboard

Each member of ship crew has own chief – it appeals to electricians too. Any average ETO executive works under the direct supervision of The Chief Electrician. Onboard electricians perform the certain duties:

  1. To draw up repair lists;
  2. To run all mechanical repair operations of equipment in time;
  3. To run the preventive maintenance scheduling with his professional supervisor;
  4. To maintain electric and welding onboard tools;
  5. To look after communication systems and support the alarm appliances operations.

ETO jobs are all time among the on-fire maritime specialties because much units that are presented on the board (which includes switchgear, emergency switchboards, control gear and fuses system, etc.) - are running by electricity. In order to fix all onboard installation well-timed, each ship crew needs professional electricians.

How to get an appointment – requirements for Electrician jobs candidates

The statutory requirement to all candidates is the high level of knowledge in the electrical engineering field. That is why it is necessary to have the completed education as electrician or power engineering specialist.

What else additional benefits could be:

  • Fluent English – namely excellent level of language skills will make the companionship easier;
  • Computer literacy – PC knowledge is highly esteemed;
  • Possessed experience of working on the shipboard – proficient specialists are always in request.

The main task of each electrical specialist is to maintain all needing appliances in the operant condition. Electro-technical officers is the real point-man on tools and ship installation breakage protection.