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Catering / Chief Steward / Chief Cook / Cook / Steward / Mess boy / Laundry man jobs

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On-fire maritime occupation – the job in gallery department

The seamanship is impossible without galley department – the catering jobs representatives are responsible for the food preparation. The catering workers cook meal for all crew member and passengers. The catering staff consists of:

  • The superior – the galley officer;

  • Steward;

  • Chief Cook;

  • The 2nd cook;

  • Pastry cook;

  • Cleaners workers;

  • Dishwashers staff.

The galley department exists both onboard the merchant ships and the cruise liners. The catering jobs are regularly among on-fire maritime vacancies.

The duties of catering workers – what should the galley department members do?

All catering workers should have the high level qualification in order to cook and serve the meal of correspondence quality. The Catering Officer is responsible for the food preparation organization.

The superior of galley department is on charge of the menu-making, planning the food purchases and catering workers controlling. In order to become the Chief Officer in the galley the candidate should have the leadership skills – it gives the opportunity to run the good supervision and have the high level communication with seamen.

The cleaning staff of the galley department is also in charge of the order maintenance on the board kitchen. The cook staff has to obtain the good culinary skills – it helps to prepare the big quantity of meal on time.

The main features of character and other requirements to candidates

All the applicant should know the galley standards and provide the personal medical card. The language skills to the catering jobs candidates is also obligatory.

The main personal qualities for the galley department workers are the stress-resistance and interpersonal skill. The candidates should be open to the dialogue and efficient.

It is possible to build a maritime career in catering field – all ambitious galley representatives have the chance to become the superior and be responsible for all the department staff.