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Captain / Master / OIM / Barge Master jobs

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The seafaring career – OIM jobs for best maritime superiors

Any ship needs the experienced captain – it could be the small river boat or the huge merchant vessel. For instance, barge masters jobs representatives are in charge not only of the ship condition but also of the cargo integrity.

The main captain duties – what should the shipmaster do onboard?

The chief of the vessel needs to control all the processes onboard – any aspect could not be passed over the master. One of the captain’s key responsibility is the vessel movement. The shipmaster set the vessel course and speed according the weather conditions.

The main assistants of the OIM representative are the mates – officers report about completed tasks and ask for the captain recommendations in case of the emergency situation. All necessary decisions are made by the master – and it is does not matter the question is about cargo, crew or passengers.

The list of the major captain’s duties consists of next items:

  • The ship pilot has to control the navigation processes;

  • The master jobs are involved the safety assurance;

  • The chief superior is responsible for the inventory and cargo integrality.

All the documentation is saved by the captain – the master has to submit any certificate in time (immigration documents and other necessary records). That is why each OIM representative is on charge of the paperwork – the main reports are made by the ship pilot.

How to become the master onboard – the requirements to candidates

The applicant should understand the level of responsibility – this occupation needs the great chargeability from the candidates. Besides the presence of the qualification certificate, the captain applicant should get the document about passed vocational training.

The chief superior onboard has to know English fluently in order to communicate with all deck and engine department representatives. The professional seamanship skills also are obligatory – the captain should be the best in the questions of vessel speed determination, depth-measuring units usage, etc.

The seamanship is considered as the real lifestyle, not only the job. The captain jobs are the proof of this statement because the major ship superior spends almost all his life onboard. But the most of famous sea masters confirm that this is the great pride to be responsible for the whole vessel and its crew.