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2nd mate / 2nd officer / Mate / DPO jobs

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The second mate - the maritime vacancy for responsible specialists

The deck department consists of three main assistants of captain. One of the vessel crew head is the 2nd officer. He is responsible for all processes onboard. The 2nd mate jobs are needful for the ships of different kind. These specialists control the cargo loading-unloading operations, maintain the high level of medical care on the ship and reports about all happened changes to the chief officer.

Supervising by the chief mate, the second officer manage the deck department and give the tasks to the vessel executors. The 2nd officer jobs are on-fire both for the merchant ships and cruise liners.

The main duties of the second officer jobs

The second captain assistant is responsible for watchstanding in the port and on the board of the ship. He gives different appointment to the vessel executive staff in order to ensure the high level safety of all the ship equipment. The Mate jobs need from the candidate the good knowledge of:

  • emergency leading operations;

  • cargo loading-unloading processes.

One more responsibility for the specialist in certain sphere is the medical safety insurance. He is the main assistant of the chief officer and is considered as one of the heads of deck department.

The needful skills for DPO jobs candidates

Such maritime profession involves the presence of the special license - the document gives opportunity to become the second officer a chief one after certain period of qualitative work onboard.

Because of permanent communication with the vessel crew, the specialist of deck department needs to obtain much knowledge of English and supervising skills. As the chief mate the third mate onboard (after captain and his main assistant) should use the computer perfectly in order to communicate with shore administration and management with reporting operations.

All the candidates should understand that 2nd mate is the answerable person onboard for the vessel condition and the crew safety.