Motorman for Cruise Vessel



Opening Date




We are currently recruiting for MOTORMAN on board cruise vessel!
Embarkation soonest possible.
Salary in USD/per month worked on board.
Contract 4 to 6 months.
Required: experience as MM, all valid STCW Certificates, CoP - STCW Reg.lll/5,
valid certificates for passenger vessel STCW Reg.V/2
Functions and Responsibility
The Motorman reports to 1 st Engineer and the EOOW for all daily routines,
for watch keeping. Delegated authority by the First Engineer / EOOW to
execute assigned responsibilities.
The Motorman functions and responsibility shall include, but not be limited to:
□ To perform repair and maintenance work according to demands and
instructions given by the First Engineer.
□ To perform Engine Room watches as instructed by the EOOW and carry out
operational and maintenance work within the engine department as required.
□ To participate in safety training and emergency drills, and to familiarize
himself with the location, layout and use of safety installations and equipment.
□ All fuel tanks to be drained of water each watch.
□ Main and working air receivers to be drained of moisture every watch.
□ Inspection of bowtruster room to be carried out each watch. Report condition
to EOOW.
□ Inform the EOOW when he is leaving the watch and when he returns.
□ At the end of the watch, report to the EOOW for overtime duties.
□ When handing over the watch, the condition of machinery in service to be
clearly conveyed.
□ The oil level of the following machinery to be closely monitored and topped
up as required:
□ Main engines and Diesel Alternator sumps
□ Main Engine and Diesel Alternators turbochargers
□ All purifiers
□ All shaft bearings
□ Air compressors

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