Medic jobs

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Medical staff onboard – all medic jobs vacancies

The head of medical service department onboard is the chief medical officer. This specialist is responsible for all doctors and nurses on the vessel board. The medical mate reports to Captain about health conditions of each seamen and approves the following actions in case of happened emergency situations.

The main medic jobs – what positions does the medical department consist of?

The medical department is obligatory consists of the medical officer, physiologist and nurses. The number of doctors onboard depends on the ship size and the type of the vessel. There often two-three physiologists on the cruise liner in order to serve the passengers and the crew members separately.

The merchant vessels usually have:

The chief doctor (could obtain the position of the Chief medical officer at the same time);

  • 1-2 Physiologists;

  • 2-4 Nurses.

According to requirements to the healthcare rules onboard, the number of registered nurses could not be less than one. The quantity of crew doctors also could not be less than one specialist onboard.

The main duties for all the medic staff is to ensure the seamen during the ship movement with the qualitative healthcare. The physiologist is on charge of any treatment onboard while the nurses could get the task from the crew doctor or assist to the physiologist as appropriate. All the medic jobs representatives should check the sanitation and hygiene regulations daily. If there is some contempt, the medical officer needs to report about the situation immediately.

The needful skills and requirements to medics onboard

In order to meet the crew representatives needs and provide medical assistance timely, all the medic job candidates should have the raw of qualification skills:

  • Doctors need to have the experience in primary care, trauma and emergency medicine. There is the requirement to inquire with internal and cardiac illnesses.

  • Nurses – needs be ready to handling accident and emergency situations.

All the applicants have to obtain qualification documents and know English fluently. The maritime staff recruiters put the specialists with more than 2 years’ experience out. Any merchant ship or cruise liner need the professional medical staff. The medical department on board ensures the qualitative help of doctors in emergency situations and in case of some individual health problems of crew members.