Engine crew / Oiler / Fitter / Turner / Motorman / Welder jobs

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The great opportunity to join the engine crew – vacancies onboard the international ships

The engine crew jobs are on-fire all the time because each existing maritime transportation has the machinery department onboard. All engineering installations need the qualitative maintenance by the professional representatives of engine department. The superior of the engineering staff is the Chief machinery specialist – he is responsible for the officers and the rating seamen in the department. ChEng gives the approved by Captain tasks in order to ensure the ship and the crew with the safety onboard.

The main duties of the certain department representatives – responsibilities of each one member of engine crew

The management group of the engine department consists of 4 engine mates. The Head of the department and his three assistants control engine processing onboard. The executors should report about their check out operations and inform about emergency situations. The rating seamen that are supervised by engine officers group are:

  • Cadet;

  • Fitter;

  • Motorman;

  • Oiler worker;

  • Turner;

  • Welder

  • Wiper.

The main responsibilities of oiler jobs representatives are the maintenance of the propulsion system. This position could get any experienced in oiling the machinery worker. As the cadet (who often attends the wiper duties), the oiler could control the main ship systems for the crew’s comfortable living as the conditioning of the rooms, water conveying. The important positions onboard are the fitter jobs. The shipfitters are on charge of the vessel steel conditions and run all fixing operations of structural parts of the merchant ship.

In order to do the repairing processes, there is one specialist in the engine crew – the turner. Turners jobs executives have to provide the seamen with the needing tools for fixation operations. The senior one among rating seamen of engine department is the QMED specialists. Motorman jobs involve the good knowledge of pumps and turbines structure and great experience in generators and steering systems. The motorman is close to the welder jobs executants who are responsible for high-quality fusing materials together onboard.

The main requirements to candidates are the qualification document, good physical condition and fluent English to communicate with colleagues and the superior staff without problems.