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Experience: 2 + Years
Education: High School/Secondary
Location: St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Subsea Engineer/Supervisor

DEPARTMENT: Maintenance

SUPERVISES: Assistant Subsea, Subsea Engineer

JOB SUMMARY: Supervise/participate in the maintenance and repair of all subsea BOP and riser systems, Multiplex electro-hydraulic control systems, and all associated surface equipment and systems

High School Diploma or Equivalent
Valid Basic Survival Training or BOSIET
2+ years previous experience on an offshore drilling rig
1+ year experience as an Assistant Subsea Supervisor on an offshore drilling rig
Knowledge of basic technical calculations required for the subsea operation of the drilling equipment
Medical (CAPP or OGUK)
Valid Passport
Must pass Physical, Drug Screen and Background /Pre-Employment Screening Checks
International Travel is required
Position Requirements
Maintain the Blow Out Preventer (BOP), Diverter, and associated subsea equipment according to Maintenance System guidelines
Operate and pressure test the BOP on the surface and on the seabed as required
Direct the deck and drill crews in the running and recovery of the BOP and Marine Riser equipment
Direct the assembly, installation, and nippling down of the BOP and all well control equipment as required
Operate, maintain and repair the subsea BOP control system (i.e. surface BOP or multiplex electro-hydraulic control system)
Operate, maintain and test hydraulic connectors. Maintain BOP handling equipment, testing equipment and wellhead equipment
Operate and service the bridge cranes and related hoisting equipment. Ensure the drill string compensator is serviced as required
Ensure that the riser pipe system is serviced and tested as required. Operate and maintain the diverter system and the running and handling tools
Assist in running/testing the wellhead, casing hangers and seal assemblies. Operate and maintain wellhead running/retrieval test tools
Ensure that the required riser tensioning pressure is set to comply with the mud weight in use. Monitor and maintain the riser guideline and pod line tensioners
Maintain accurate daily log sheets relevant to the subsea equipment. Maintain records of BOP and associated equipment tests
Ensure that Supervisor is informed of any issues relating to the subsea equipment that might affect the safe and efficient running of operations
Other duties as required

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