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The Deck Crane Operator position is a Platform rig crewmember whose primary workstation is operating the Pipe Deck Gantry and Pipe Deck Pipe Handler deck cranes. The position also assists the pipe deck coordinator and banksman with crane work and pipe deck activities, i.e. offloading and back loading support vessels. The crane operator collaborates with the pipe deck coordinator, Pipe Deck Pipe Handling (PDPH) crane operator and driller, to assist with the daily planning of activities associated with drilling operations.

Essential functions

Provide visible leadership with a Total Ownership attitude. Owns safety standard.
Perform daily inspections of cranes and equipment prior to startup.
Enforce, clarify, and follow Company and Client policies, standards, and procedures.
Promote operational excellence through procedural discipline.
Follow the Client’s daily drilling / lift plans.
Responsible for upholding morale and maintaining order among the crew.
Ensure Parker Drilling’s Competency Program – Authorized to Operate (ATO) and Approved Competent Operator (ACO) are applied and followed.
Ensure Client competency compliance is applied and followed.
Comply with platform emergency response plan or station bills during emergencies and / or drills.
Off load and load supply boats of any equipment necessary for platform operations.
Transfer materials and equipment as required, anywhere on the platform.
Assist with the preparation of tubular, tools and equipment when required.
Perform additional duties, responsibilities, and special projects as may be directed
Know and understand the capacities, operating procedures and limitations of the equipment to be operated.
Necessary qualifications, skills and abilities

Able to identify and understand functionality of various rig equipment.
Able to identify and understand functionality of various tubular sizes and thread types.
Knowledgeable and proficient in basic rigger’s role to ensure safe lifting operations are performed.
Knowledgeable of mechanical systems and be skilled at working with hand and power tools.
Can demonstrate knowledge and execution of the following operations: o Dropped objects prevention o Line of sight, zone of exclusion and safe zone operations o Pipe measurement, number, strapping and tallying of pipes
Must have good verbal communication skills and be able to effectively communicate in English with staff, management, customers and vendors.
Must possess sound reasoning skills, common sense and the ability to follow directions.
Must possess basic mathematical skills (equivalent to a high school education).
Education, experience, and certifications: o High School diploma is required o Must be able to obtain appropriate offshore or, onshore certifications o Previous experience in the oil industry is preferred
Additional qualifications, skills and abilities

Position competencies

Initiating & Driving Change • Acts as a catalyst for and takes responsibility for leading, directing, and managing organizational change • Develops new insights into situations and applies innovative solutions • Creates work environment that encourages creative thinking and innovation • Drives step changes in how the company operates • Understands how to change and addresses not only systems and processes, but also cultural aspects of change • Is good at bringing the creative ideas of others to market • Develops a change strategy that includes milestones and timelines • Accurately assesses the potential barriers and resources necessary for change initiatives • Understands and supports the need for change • Envisions and articulates the intended result of the change process • Provides direction and focus during the change process • Helps to generate support of the changes throughout the organization • Identifies and enlists allies who support the change process • Provides resources, removes barriers, and acts as an advocate for those initiating change
Result Focused • Establishes clear, specific performance goals, expectations, and priorities • Can be counted on to exceed goals successfully • Is constantly and consistently one of the top performers • Very bottom-line oriented • Steadfastly pushes self and others for results • Navigates quickly and effectively to resolve problems and obstacles • Persists to complete tasks / responsibilities, even in the face of difficulties • Develops a sense of urgency in others to complete tasks • Operates with personal ownership and looks for ways to improve performance all the time • Challenges him- or herself and others to raise the bar on performance • Focuses people on critical activities that yield a high impact • Holds self and others accountable for delivering high-quality results on time and within budget (e.g., models high work standards and demands the same from others)
Team Work • Blends people into teams when they are needed • Creates strong morale and spirit in his/her team • Shares wins and successes • Fosters open dialogue • Lets people finish and be responsible for their work • Seeks consensus among diverse viewpoints as a means of building group commitment • Defines success in terms of the whole team • Creates a feeling of belonging in the team • Values the contributions of all team members • Creates an environment that encourages open communication amongst team members • Creates an environment that encourages collective problem solving amongst team members
Customer Focus • Is dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers • Gets first-hand customer information and uses it to understand customers' business issues and needs for improvements in products and services • Acts with customer in mind • Establishes and maintains effective relationships with customers and gains their trust and respect • Genuinely enjoys working with customers to build long-term partnerships • Creates a sense of customer focus throughout their team/ department/ business unit

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