Chief Mate / Chief officer / MSL / SDPO jobs

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The first Master assistant – the respected management job onboard

The main department onboard is the deck one. The head of this seamen group is Captain and the superior’s first assistant is the Chief Mate. The Chief officers jobs are relating to the management positions on the merchant vessels. This occupation is considered to be as the second-in-command occupation in the seamanship.

MSL jobs representatives need to obtain the raw of skills to become the first mate on the ship. Among the most necessary ones are leadership and responsibility for the supervised crew. Generally Chief Officer is charge of:

  • 2 deck officers;

  • Cadet;

  • Deck executors (boatswain, able and ordinary seamen).

Besides the deck crew supervision, the first captain assistant has a lot of responsibilities. For instance, the navigation processing, meteorology analyzing and others.

What duties do the SDPO jobs involve?

Among main tasks of Chief Mate are watchstanding and controlling the deck department members. The 1st Captain assistant is also responsible for the cargo integrity. He controls the loading processes and checks the unloading processing. The main mate has reports to captain every day.

One more responsibility of the deck department head is to make the schedule for the supervised crew. All approved tasks to officers’ staff and rating workers should be monitored and checked by the superior. The Chief Mate jobs also involve training the seamen in different fields:

  • Safety aspects;

  • Emergency actions – rescue operations;

  • Firefighting rules.

How to get the respected position in the deck department?

In order to gain the prestigious management position, the candidate ought to pass the special examination for getting the certificate. The applicant should be older than 21 years old and have the experience in seamanship. The job candidate also should pay attention to the training courses – the training knowledge will help in supervising the deck crew.

The language skills take not the last place – Chief Officer has to have the best level of English in order to communicate with executors. This position is within the power to the best superiors in this field because the deck department should be underfoot the most responsible ones.