Cadets jobs

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Cadets jobs - the chance to start the maritime career right now

The vessel crew is impossible without deck executors. One of the deck department representative is cadet. This position is suitable for the marine colleges graduates. Attending the cadets jobs will give the opportunity to get the experience and take out the officer license after some period of time.

The cadets’ main duties on board of merchant ships and cruise liners

Each cadet onboard reports to the duty mate - the deck superior could give the additional task or check the completed job. The cadets are responsible for the vessel preparation before the ship starts movement. Also the senior deck representative takes part in:

  • Loading and unloading cargo operations;

  • Watchstanding;

  • Fix processes;

  • Inspecting the presence of the needful equipment onboard.

The deck cadet should assure himself of the operating condition of any lifesaving installations. This inspection should be done before the vessel departure. All lifeboats and other safe units are checked by the senior deck representative.

The cadet’s superior could give the tasks devoted to the ship navigation. It could be assistance in the vessel mooring or maneuvering the maritime transportations under different weather patterns.  

In spite of the fact that cadet is only the deck executor, one of his duty is filling up reports – there is the special logbook that senior deck work should regularly fill with necessary information. That is why on more cadet’s task is recordkeeping.

How to become the cadet on the international vessel?

To apply this perspective cadets job could the young seamen after college graduation. All employers want to get for their ship crew the ambitious person that is ready for difficult job. One of the requirements to the candidates is the excellent physical condition (in order the cadet could manage with lifting heavy appliances, loading cargo and other tasks). Also the applicant should speak English fluently – the superiors ought to be sure that all recommendation will be understood.

The good language skills have opportunity to cadet to communicate in multilingual staff onboard without any problems. This maritime job defers to the maritime career start – all necessary experience is got on the position of deck executor.