3rd mate / 3rd officer jobs

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The deck department officer - the fire-on job onboard

The management group onboard consists of three captain assistants. They help to maintain all existing process in the satisfying condition. The 3rd mate jobs involve the high level responsibility of workers - the main aim of the staff is to ensure the safety of the people, equipment and cargo on the vessel.

The third mate position could hold people with good English skills because much responsibilities are based on the communication. That is why the head Maritime Organization requires excellent knowledge of namely this international language.

What duties the 3rd mate jobs representatives have?

The main task of third captain assistant is to hold all ship operations under the control. Most duties are connected with different kind of professional communication. The specialist should:

  • read charts;

  • answer the received messages;

  • react on the signals of coast stations;

  • get and give information to the deck crew.

The vessel crew often is multilingual - English language is the unique language that helps people to understand each other. The 3rd officer explains the rules and tasks to the crew representatives and reports about repair results and testing operations to the second captain assistant.

Among the key responsibilities of third mate are leading of sudden emergency actions - the specialist keeps under the control all equipment for firefighting and people surviving. The 3rd grade mate manages all deck executors in order to perform the emergency safe.

This occupation is considered much practical one, in spite of the fact that 3rd specialist in the officer's group is meant as the manager. The specialist has many duties in the medical, safety insurance and communicational spheres.

What documentation is needful for the candidates?

The 3rd officer jobs candidates should prepare the qualification documents and pass the exam of knowledge of Rescue Manual. The officer representative should be ready for any medical task onboard. The successfully passed test of knowledge of English is also taken into the account.

This occupation is considered as one of the most important one in the deck department. That is why to get the 3rd officer job the best candidates in this field.