1st mate / 1st officer jobs

The main captain assistant - on-fire vacancy for the most experienced ones

Each ship crew is supervised by the 1st mate jobs - the main captain assistant is responsible for all the processes onboard. Notwithstanding the kind of vessel, there is the great demand of the experienced 1st officer jobs.

This specialist replies both for charging operations and the cargo containers safety during the ship movement. They are wanted for merchant vessels as:

  • tankers;

  • container vessels;

  • cargo ships.

The first assistant of captain is the main supervisor in the deck crew of any merchant kind of international ship. That is why the chief officer has to supervise the 2nd mate and the 3rd officer onboard. The head department team make the major decisions according the ship condition and emergency situations.

The responsibilities of the maritime occupation - what should the chief mate jobs candidates know

One of the task of any chief officer onboard is to run the watchstanding. The maritime specialist observes the surrounding conditions in order to ensure the crew and cargo with safety. Another important responsibility of chief mate is to control the cargo charging operations - the main assistant regularly reports to the captain about all changes.

The chief officer is considered as the deck department superior and moderates:

  • Each training processes of crew members;

  • Each cargo charging and unloading;

  • Any emergency acting processes;

  • All management of departmental functions.

The 1st officer jobs involves the coordination of crew members in order to maintain the safety (of the ship in the open sea, of the cargo during the vessel movement, etc.) All executives onboard should keep the captain assistant recommendations.

How to take a position of the 1st mate?

The main document is the special license that gives the opportunity to head the deck department of any international vessel. One more inescapable requirement is the language knowledge. There is no chance to take a position of the chief officer without fluent English because the specialist needs regularly communicate with the crew.

This occupation is considered as the on-fire occupation in the seamanship - the profession is designated for the most necessary processes on the vessel.