1st engineer jobs

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One of the most prestigious maritime occupations - the first engineer on the ship

The list of ERO jobs is impossible without the position of chief engineer. The first grade specialist is responsible for all electrical equipment onboard. All electrical technicians are supervised by the 1st engineer. The main task of the machinery group of the vessel crew - to ensure the ship with the safe navigation and appliances working in efficient manner.

The main engineer supervises the staff – the 2nd, 3rd engineer report to him about all existing changes and other situations onboard. The occupation is a current vacancy for any kind of ships - experienced engineers are needful for crew of:

  • Cargo vessels;

  • Container ships;

  • Tanks and other international waterway transportation units.

The main responsibilities of the 1st engineer jobs representatives

The main duty that the CE (chief engineer) should carry out - it is the high level of equipment control. That is why this specialist is responsible for frequent inspections of any onboard equipment.

Each mechanic and electrician in the crew get regularly orders from 1st engineer - that is why the organizational responsibility of under-controlled members is one more CE service. The list of other general duties is presented below:

  • Regular reporting about ship equipment operating;

  • Solving the problems with appliances maintenance;

  • Fast response to urgent situations - the first engineer jobs involve the satisfaction of all the safety standards onboard the vessel.

How to get the on-fire job?

The maritime job connection means the good language skills for easy communication with shipmen. The candidates usually are asked for the English knowledge. The Chief Engineer has to demonstrate the highest level of language skills because he holds the managing position onboard.

One more string requirement to ERO jobs candidates is the presence of access certification to electrical installations and the formal qualification certificate. ERO jobs are still the high-profile variants of occupation that are very necessary for seamanship.